Council Imams return from Hajj

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We welcome back all the Imams and their followers who accompanied them for Hajj earlier this month and we pray that their pilgrimage is accepted. While in Hajj, Dr. Hamid Slimi, Dr, Muhammad Iqbal, Dr. Saeed Faizi and Dr. Abdul Hai Patel had a chance to attend a two days international conference organized by the Muslim World League in Makkah which focused on the topic of Muslim Societies between Fixed principles (Thawabit) and Contextualized principles (Mutaghayyirat). The Imams spoke about their experience as Western Muslims and how they approach different matters from a Jurisprudencial point of view and some of the work they have done in the field or organization and leadership. The Canadian Council of Imams was commended for upholding to the continuous interfaith dialogue and interfaith projects and was asked to share some of the Canadian experience with the rest of the Muslim word leaders.

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