Canadian Imams Reiterate Fight Against Violent Extremism

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5 April, 2017

Canadian imams are relieved that the authorities were able to apprehend a Canadian who had left the country allegedly to join Daesh and were able to bring him back. The Canadian Council of Imams appreciates the efforts of law enforcement in keeping Canadians safe. We are also aware that the person in question, is already in custody for other outstanding criminal offences. While this new charge applied today, is definitely of a serious nature, we will allow the courts to complete due process, adhering to the principle of innocence until proven guilty. We have full confidence in the Canadian justice system.

The Daesh ideology of hate and extremism based violence is one that both the authorities and communities are battling. We will continue to work with our partners in law enforcement, social services and education to counter the threat of violent extremism.

We reaffirm our commitment to live together in peace, and to confront all types of hate and violent extremism.

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